Driving data intelligence in a multi-cloud environment

The shift to digital transactions has given consumers convenient, 24/7 access to responsive and contextualised experiences. In order to provide such customised services in real-time in an increasingly O2O (online-to-offline) environment, financial institutions are modernising their technology architecture and infrastructure with cloud-based capabilities. This has empowered institutions with greater agility to innovate, as well as more scalable, secure and efficient operations.

Over the last few years, the adoption of cloud computing has accelerated, with more institutions moving towards hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to enable greater flexibility and security. However, this entails challenges in data integration and processing speed.

A well-designed cloud strategy with an integrated data management architecture can empower institutions to deliver real-time intelligence, analytics and decisioning, as well as provide faster and more differentiated customer experience.

This RadioFinance session will debate key issues surrounding the development and implementation of an effective multi-cloud strategy as well as building the right data infrastructure to drive real-time analytics. It will focus on hot button issues such as:

  • Designing the right cloud strategy to drive real-time capabilities and flexible, secure and scalable operations
  • The challenges and complexities in a multi-cloud implementation environment and how these may be addressed
  • Integration of data systems in a hybrid environment to meet data governance and compliance requirements
  • An effective data strategy to transform into an intelligence driven organisation with real-time analytics and decision capabilities and to deliver a differentiated customer experience

Invited guests include:

  • David Hardoon, Senior Advisor for Data and Artificial Intelligence, UnionBank of the Philippines
  • Bhupendra Warathe, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Transformation, Standard Chartered
  • Johnson Poh, Executive Director and Head, Group Enterprise Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, UOB
  • Ashish Abraham, Head, Risk Analytics, Retail Lending, HDFC Bank
  • Remus Lim, Managing Director, ASEAN and India, Cloudera

Here are the key points discussed:

Guests include:
Johnson Poh

Executive Director and Head,Group Enterprise
Artificial Intelligence
and Data Science, UOB

Remus Lim

Managing Director, ASEAN & India, Cloudera

David R. Hardoon

Senior Advisor, Data and
Artificial Intelligence, UnionBank of the Philippines

Foo Boon Ping

Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

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