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Payments Transformation: Fulfilling the promise of speed, transparency and…

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the move to cashless transactions globally. For consumers and businesses alike, there’s a continuing upward trend in the adoption of all things digital. Speed, transparency, predictability and low…

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Peric: “It is very expensive to be poor. Adequate…

Konstantin Peric, deputy director, Financial Services for the Poor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, advances the goal to increase digital usage for financial inclusion and creation of a payments platform for 1.7 billion people who…

Personal wealth in a changing world – we are all responsible for ourselves

Register now for our RadioFinance Live Chat with investment guru, Adam Khoo, on the questions his students and followers are asking him about their investments on 24 November at 4pm SIN/HK, 3pm Jakarta, 12pm Dubai, 9am London

Cambodia's Serey clarifies: “Bakong is not a digital currency”

Chea Serey, assistant governor and director general of the National Bank of Cambodia discusses the development of the newly launched Bakong payment system, the first in the world to be built on distributed ledger technology and how it brings…

Sarafu Credit’s Ruddick and Dama: Community currencies create a stable medium…

Will Ruddick and Caroline Dama, board directors at Grassroots Economics Foundation, discuss how community currencies are helping the poor to exchange goods and services and incubate new businesses, without relying on scarce national currency…

Organisational culture can either be an enabler of success or an impediment…

This session discussed the importance of an integrated approach – organisationally and technologically – in ensuring security and optimum customer experience.

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Host, RadioFinance

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International Resource Director, The Asian Banker

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Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

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Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker

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