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Payment-as-a-service – How the payment industry is redefining customer experience

The payment industry has had to evolve amid the coronavirus outbreak

Excellence in Retail Financial Services Annual Meeting 2021

Excellence in Retail Financial Services Annual Meeting 2021.

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Will card payment survive a digital-first world?

The retail payments landscape has always been ripe for disruption and innovation not just because of evolving consumer behaviour but also due to regulatory reforms and governments’ drive for financial inclusion and digital payment. Concerns…

Signature Bank’s Shay: “Bitcoin has proven itself a store of value”

Scott A. Shay is the co-founder of the Signature Bank and has served as Chairman of the Board since its inception in 2001.

WTO’s Koopman: “Global trade wasn’t adversely affected by US-China conflicts”

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted global trade and added momentum towards the deglobalisation trend. Even before the pandemic hit, several factors such as nationalism, protectionism, and trade tensions have been driving the world economy…

"Banks have mixed up digital transformation with optimisation"

At the Finance Vietnam Leadership Dialogue 2021, heads of retail banking, products and businesses, including Le Xuan Vu, MB Bank; Dinh Van Chien, TP Bank; Augustine Wong Kok Seng, VP Bank; Bryan Carroll, TNEX; Gunneet Singh, Ubank; Kanishk…

WFE’s Pedro Perez: “It’s not easy to decentralise trust”

Pedro Gurolla-Perez, head of research at World Federation of Exchanges, discussed the unabated rise of financial markets at the peak of COVID-19 crisis while reflecting cautiously on the real use cases of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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Grace Chng

Host, RadioFinance

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International Resource Director, The Asian Banker

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Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

Emmanuel Daniel

Emmanuel Daniel, Founder, The Asian Banker, Wealth and Society

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