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Identity, fraud and theft - how we fight the dangers of open banking

The convergence of technologies that created super apps such as Wechat, Grab and Gojek, has also allowed unmanaged third-party apps and user-enabled fintech tools to “scrape” and use personal and machine data without the users’ knowledge.

Garage Ventures' Reichert: "Aggregated numbers on VC investments wildly misleading"

Bill Reichert, managing director and co-founder of Garage Technology Ventures discusses the evolution of venture capitalism and how COVID-19 has impacted long-term investment so far

"High street SME credit slow and out-of-date during pandemic"

As the UK government works with fintechs to accelerate its lending programme for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), new innovations in credit risk modelling are emerging to help bridge the supply gap.

VEON's Herrero: "4G or 5G, telcos are looking for financial content"

NASDAQ-traded VEON believes that while the transition to 5G is not expected to happen soon in the markets it is serving, there are growth opportunities that can be explored using 4G connectivity in the areas of financial services

Post-pandemic outlook: Staggered recovery may cause more damage

Confirmed COVID-19 cases across the world have crossed the 4.1 million mark with more than 285,000 deaths reported.

Institutions need an intelligent strategy on ecosystems not predicated solely…

The first RadioFinance virtual roundtable saw the participation of 15 digital finance practitioners sharing insights on the future of the industry post COVID.

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