Increasing competitiveness with future-ready payment platforms

Oracle and The Asian Banker held a high-level dialogue with a select group of senior executives from financial institutions in India to discuss the recent developments in the country’s fast-changing payments landscape and identify new growth opportunities and challenges, as well as technology requirements to future-proof the banking industry from potential disruption.

Joining the discussion were Monojit Paul, State Bank of India; Manoj Kumar Yadav, ICICI Bank; Monish Vohra, SBI Card and Payment Services; Jagdish Narayanan, JioMoney; Sharad Pawar, Oracle; Vivek Kumar Srivastava, Oracle; Sathya Prasad Rai, Oracle.

Report on a seamless digital payment experience

If you want to learn how to deliver a payment system architecture for financial institutions, to build strong capabilities in value storage, transaction processing, verification, and data analytics, download the report now.

In this report, we cover topics such as:
● India’s fast-changing payment landscape
● Future-ready payment capabilities that require a long-term focus on technology, data, and processes
● Banks’ need for agile and cost-effective technologies that will support new business models

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