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Will the lockdowns work? What all businesses should know about the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic may inflict a sharp recession on the global economy that might continue throughout... Read More

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The COVID-19 Series: What the pandemic means for supply chain financing

The spread of COVID-19 is being felt globally across many businesses in ways that are difficult to model and assess… Read More

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What will determine the future map of digital financial services in Southeast Asia?

In 2020, banks have finally gotten serious about turning information into a competitive dvantage through data, analytics … Read More

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How can businesses counter the rising threat of digital fraud?

Every year, $800 billion to $2 trillion is laundered while almost 1% of GDP is lost to cybercrime globally Rapid digitisation… Read More


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The COVID-19 Series: How will China's economy recover from the pandemic?

China has said the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country is over, hours after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a pandemic. New cases have been declining...

People’s Bank’s Gunawardana: “Digitalisation is imperative to survive in…

Rasitha Gunawardana, CEO and general manager of People’s Bank, summarises the decade-long process of technologically upgrading the largest state-owned bank in Sri Lanka. He talks about the risks and challenges encountered…

US-China Trade Deal: Analysis of the Phase One Agreement

In this session with NUS East Asian Institute Director Prof. Bert Hofman, Phase 1 of the Economic Trade Agreement will be dissected, studied, and analysed to truly uncover what it really means for the two economic giants.

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