Who will be the winners in Southeast Asia’s quest for digital banking licenses?

In 2019, eight digital banking licences were issued in Hong Kong and three in Taiwan. Up to 10 digital banking licences may be issued in Singapore and Malaysia this year. Meanwhile, the Philippines is expected to release its virtual banking regulation soon. Thailand has also signaled its intention to join these nations to license digital-only banks. The widespread imposition of social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated, albeit inadvertently, the adoption of digital financial services and migration from brick and mortar. As the imperative to go digital gains pace, traditional banks are also moving into the space with a clearer roadmap. How will these major paradigm shifts shape the future of the industry in Southeast Asia?

In this RadioFinance session, we will explore what it takes to win in this new digital and post-COVID-19 landscape, what are the different propositions being offered by the competition, how to overcome challenges of the traditional industry boundaries and how to create seamless customer experience to stay competitive. The discussion will focus on the following:

  • What are the major trends affecting banking in Southeast Asia now and the next few years? How will COVID-19 change the equation?
  • The shift in the way consumers and businesses view or use banking services
  • Opportunities and pitfalls that technology presents with regard to the future of banking
  • TThe disruptions challenger banks have brought to the financial landscape
  • Licensing and regulatory concerns

Guests include:

  • Kalyani Nair, Head, Group Virtual Banking, Maybank
  • Greg Krasnov, Chief Executive Officer, TONIK Financial Group
  • Hadi Wijaya, Financial Services Industry Leader, South East Asia
Guests include:
Greg Krasnov

Founder and CEO, TONIK

Sugumar Munisamy

Senior Vice President,
Head of Digital Delivery, AmBank

Hadi Wijaya

Financial Services Industry Leader,
Southeast Asia, SAP

Grace Chng

Host, RadioFinance

Foo Boon Ping

Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

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